Martial Art Programs
Regular Yoga
Practising yoga daily is a great idea to stay fit and healthy. Get enrolled in our regular batches today.
Group Yoga
The best part about group yoga is that you practice yoga asanas with your preferred set of people.
Diet Programs
All of our diet programs are effectively laid out for every client of ours as per their requirements.
Obesity Treatment
We are sensitive towards those who face this obesity and thus make sure to help them lose weight.
Step up your fitness game by signing up for our fun and fitness-orientated aerobic classes.
Art & Craft
We take classes for encouraging you to make crafts like clay models, origami, drama, dance, etc.
Two important aspects of judo training are character development and morality. This often makes judo a preferred martial art for children.
Karate originally meant “Chinese hand” or “Tang Hand” later, the meaning of “kara” was changed to “empty.” This is why karate today is translated as “empty hand.”
Kick Boxing
Kickboxing is a generic martial arts term that refers to a modern combative sport rooted in karate, western boxing and muay thai.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
It is considered to be the most effective self-defense martial art in the world. It promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can overcome a bigger, stronger opponent with proper technique and leverage.
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About Us
You don’t need to be enormously talented, highly intelligent, rich or gifted to succeed in martial arts. You just have to persist in pursuit of your goals & not give up. We, Master Md Taekwondo Sports Academy at Zenda Kadrabad, Jalna, Maharashtra offer a variety of martial art programs at our facility, regardless of age or fitness level. Every student is important to us, we provide personal attention to help each student achieve his or her individual goals & objectives.
I started martial arts classes and they are fantastic! All of the trainers are very friendly. I would highly recommend to anyone interested.
Rohit Singh
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